Interpreter service on E-COM Flow 2021

Main advantages of cooperation with us:

  • payment for the interpreter's working hours only (no travel expenses,accommodation, alimentation);
  • knowledge of local language and negotiation experience;
  • excellent guidance through the exhibition complex as well as the city of the exhibition..

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Customer feedback:

Марино Шихова
We, the UNICS medical company, have been working with the Expomap for several years, using the service of interpreters and guide interpreters all around the world. The company's staff is always prompt to respond, highly friendly and kind, and ready to make the cooperation easy and comfortable. The quality of work provided by the interpreters is always super high, no complaints about their work from our employees and customers have never been received. We hope for the same pleasant cooperation in the future!
Ольга Фрол
I highly appreciate the work of organizing an interpreter. Speed of answers and the service overall was great. In the future, I'll use the service again and will recommend it to my partners. The interpreter's responsibility and the kwoledge level were perfect.

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