CeMAT RUSSIA 2021 - international exhibition of warehouse technology and systems, handling equipment, warehouse automation and logistics services

from 21 to Sept. 23, 2021

About the exhibition CeMAT RUSSIA 2021

CeMAT RUSSIA is the only UFI Approved Russian exhibition, which presents a wide range of machinery and systems, material handling equipment, automation equipment for warehouses, and logistics services.

In 2021, the online exhibition platform, developed for the event of 2020, will become a logical addition to the traditional live exhibition format and will open up new opportunities for exhibitors and visitors: live broadcasts and presentations from company stands, online exchange of "business cards", broadcasts from conference rooms, etc.

Participation in CeMAT RUSSIA 2021 will allow to showcase your software and technical solutions to a professional audience, to collect information about market news and trends, to negotiate directly with target buyers and official suppliers in a short time, as well as to find new clients and partners.


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"The exhibition focus is not only on hardware, but also on logistics solutions, including those aimed at innovation."

Vladimir Serebryakov, Business Development Director, FM Logistic in Russia

Everything for professional needs

Do you manage supply chains or warehouse operations? Do you automate industrial or food production? Do you work in distribution centers of retail chains or e-commerce companies? CeMAT RUSSIA 2021 will help to solve professional problems. The world leading suppliers will demonstrate:

  • Lifting and transporting equipment;
  • Storage systems and racks;
  • Warehouse automation and management, WMS systems, and robots;
  • Equipment and software for order picking and packaging;
  • Operational equipment for warehouse and production: security systems, industrial lighting, barriers, industrial gates and others;
  • Logistic services — 3PL, fulfillment.

Among attendees are such companies as Honeywell, PSI, Manitou, Modula, DoorHan, Haulotte, SSI Schaefer, Wagner, Sevco, Comitas, Kaup, Vanderlande, EME, First Logistik, Interroll, Constructor, JCB, EnerSys, Nilfisk, JAC, TENTE , ORBIS, Nilfisk, PEC and others.

In 2021, the international exhibition of transport packaging, equipment and automation systems for packaging processes TRANSPACK will be held under one roof with CeMAT RUSSIA. The TRANSPACK exposition will expand CeMAT RUSSIA with packaging solutions for the transport and logistics chain: from robots to boxes and pallets.

“It’s a must-visit event. Here you can find a full range of logistics services "

Evgeny Seleznev, Head of the support group for warehouse and information systems and processes, M.video — Eldorado

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Business program

CeMAT RUSSIA offers not only an extensive exposition, but also a platform for professional dialogue, networking and professional development. Its business program includes conferences, seminars and discussions on the relevant topics, such as: automation, outsourcing in logistics, supply chain management, etc.

"CeMAT RUSSIA demonstrates how warehouse logistics is becoming part of a larger logistics and supply chain"

Andrey Troitsky, Business Solutions Architect, SAP CIS

A detailed program will be published closer to the event starting date. Stay tuned!

Additional information and services:
Exhibited products:
Warehouse and racking systems
Lifting and transporting equipment for a warehouse
Warehouse automation tools
Equipment for packaging and order picking
Operational equipment
Opening hours:
Daily from 10:00 to 18:00
On the last day from 10:00 to 16:00
ООО «Дойче Мессе РУС»
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CeMAT RUSSIA 2021 открывается завтра!

Во вторник 21 сентября, стартует событие, которого логисты ждали 2 долгих года.

20 September 2021CeMAT RUSSIA 2021

CeMAT RUSSIA 2021: успеть за три дня

Вас ждёт обсуждение инноваций и трендов рынка логистики, нетвокинг, логистическое бизнес-шоу, соревнования водителей погрузчиков.

26 August 2021CeMAT RUSSIA 2021

CEMAT Russia представляет деловую программу осеннего проекта

CeMAT RUSSIA представляет программу деловых мероприятий, которые будут сопровождать выставку с 21 по 23 сентября 2021 года. Что CeMAT RUSSIA 2021 нам готовит, кроме экспозиции?

04 August 2021CeMAT RUSSIA 2021

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