Colour stones Bazaar. October 2022 - colour stones and jewellery fair

from 1 to Oct. 2, 2022
Russia, Moscow , парк Сокольники, Мобильный павильон на Фестивальной площади

About the exhibition Colour stones Bazaar. October 2022

The Colour Stone Bazaar brings together not only stone lovers and collectors, but also professionals: stone-cutters, jewellers, employees of geological and mineralogical museums. Beautiful minerals and natural stones, rock samples, fossils and unusual jewellery can be seen and bought at the exhibitors' booths. Visitors will find there:

  • the extraordinary world of natural stones;
  • an introduction to minerals, palaeontological specimen and coloured stone items;
  • networking with collectors, craftsmen and fabricators of coloured stone items.

The range and prices at the Bazaar are carefully put together so that you're sure to find some unusual and memorable gifts for you and your loved ones!




And, to be sure, you can enrich or even build your own mineralogical collection, buy superb samples of minerals and faceted stones, as well as natural stone jewellery.

  Самоцветный развал. Октябрь 2022  

Additional information and services:
Exhibited products:
Collectible Minerals
Diamond cutting and polishing
Opening hours:
Daily 11:00 through 19:00
Галерея Гемма
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