Lenexpo Exhibition Complex, Russia Photo Gallery

Today “Lenexpo” is one of the biggest specialised exhibition complexes in Russia and the largest conference and exhibition centre in the North-West of our country. It is situated on the shore of the Gulf of Finland in the centre of international trade ways. Such unique location makes possible the demonstration of watercrafts and vessels in specialised water exhibition quarters. Taking in account the wishes of our customers we are very serious about paying attention on them. “Lenexpo” complex has a territory of 15 hectares, including 6 hectares of open area. A total of 9 pavilions with 40 000 sq. m of exhibition space gives an opportunity to host exhibitions and congresses on the highest level. “Lenexpo” is an ideal platform for establishing business contacts between the Russian and foreign companies. This first-class fair venue is the direct source of informing public about your activity, forming the customer circle and analyzing the competitive market. 40 000 sq meters of indoor space 63 000 sq meters of outdoor space 9 pavilions on the Finsky Gulf shore 8 conference-halls for 24, 32, 70, 120, 144, 250, 320 and 1054 seats congress-hall for 2 800 seats press-center, meeting - rooms cafes, bars, restaurants car parking customs terminal service center (pavilions 4 and 7) a unique possibility to demonstrate ships and other means of water transport in the exhibition complex water area.

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