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Marketing Data Analytics 2024 - national Forum on Data Collection and Analysis in Marketing

Marketing Data Analytics 2024 - national Forum on Data Collection and Analysis in Marketing

from 26 to Sept. 27, 2024
Russia, Moscow , Холидей Инн Москва Сущевский

About the conference Marketing Data Analytics 2024

Today's marketing is impossible without painstaking collection and analysis of data. The National Marketing Data Analytics 2023 forum will focus on sharing experience and a comprehensive discussion of best practices used by Russian companies today. Participants will discuss case studies to identify approaches and tools that help leaders save resources and achieve better results.

The Forum is aimed primarily at marketing directors, but will also be useful for marketing and product analysts, performance marketers, owners and representatives of online biz, service providers.


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  Marketing Data Analytics 2023 - всероссийский форум по сбору и анализу данных в маркетинге  

The Business Agenda of the Marketing Data Analytics 2023 Forum will feature the following discussions:

  • Market analysis: methods, techniques, sources;
  • End-to-end analytics;
  • Practical tools and cases in digital marketing;
  • Available BI-solutions;
  • Substitution for services that have left the Russian market;
  • Global trends in marketing analytics;
  • IT process in marketing;
  • and much more.

Preferential registration for the forum is available until August 25. Moreover, the organizers provide traditional discounts for InterForum club card holders and for groups of 3+ participants.




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Холидей Инн Москва Сущевский

Russia, Moscow , Холидей Инн Москва Сущевский


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