Technology Trends for the Event Industry 2020

The value of personal communication increases, but there are times when the virtual transition is a necessary part of the event program. What trends are on the rise this year? 05 August 2020Internet, Customer relations, Market analysis, Digital marketing, Mobile apps

Дайджест выставок мебели и интерьера осени в России

Мы составили дайджест наиболее крупных выставок мебели, домашнего декора и интерьера в России. С новинками от известных дизайнеров, крупных производителей и профессиональным взглядом от авторитетных экспертов мы предлагаем вам ознакомиться на пяти осенних мероприятиях. Оставайтесь в курсе последних новинок мира интерьерной моды! 08 August 2019Exhibition business, Exhibition technology, Event marketing

Digest: leading household goods foreign exhibitions in September 2019

September is filled with plenty of events, exhibitions and conferences on various topics. For household goods industry trade experts, we prepared the next world-class events list. 08 August 2019Exhibition business, Brands , Exhibition technology, Exclusive goods, Design, Souvenirs

ECEF 2019: What to Draw on from the experience, gained by American Colleagues?

ECEF exhibition business top officials’ forum: what to draw on from the experience, gained by American Colleagues? 20 June 2019Marketing, Marketing & advertising, Exhibition business, Exhibition technology, Corporate events

Five typical novice exhibitor misconceptions

Our story provides certain unrealistic exhibitor’s expectations who will inevitably be disappointed, but the main issue is he will definitely blame the exhibition and the organizers. 02 November 2018Marketing, Marketing & advertising, Image & PR, Event marketing, PR

Exhibitions and Market Place: the first world hybrid which implies the blockchain technologies usage

Nowadays the technologies are increasingly integrated into traditional business. Thus, the production digitalization is HANNOVER MESSE largest technology fair main theme. Besides we can see IT specialists demand active growth. What way and degree the exhibition sphere is able to integrate with the digital industry? How are bitcoin, blockchain and exhibitions connected with each other? 

25 May 2018Sales , Marketing & advertising, Exhibition business, Exhibition technology

How to regain the audience’ trust if your event failed? Step-by-step guide with Moldexpo case

The companies used to make mistakes and behave differently, like people. Some of them pretend that nothing happened and decide to wait a bit while others turn themselves in. Besides some of them used to attack the victim and accuse it while following «the best offense is a good defense» proverb

11 May 2018Marketing, Sales , Exhibition business, Exhibition technology, Loyalty programs

5 questions to ask the exhibition site, which will help to avoid stepping on a rake

How do you think, whether the fraud in the event sphere is possible? Unfortunately, yes, it is possible! Besides we started to get warning letters from customers who suffered from unscrupulous event organizers’ behavior more often. The fraud scheme is simple: there is created a beautiful landing page and then the call center attracts the customers. They pay for the stand at the exhibition/ collective stand place/participation in the conference, and them the organizers disappear after a while, therefore, the event failed to take place. 04 April 2018Marketing, Marketing & advertising, Exhibition business, Exhibition technology, Event marketing

Will the robots control the production? Answers are available within HANNOVER MESSE 2018

The world's leading technology fair pre-show took place in its typical format - calmly, majestically and technologically. Over 300 journalists from all over the world came to Hannover in order to make a personal impression about the trends in industrial automation on February 6. The event was opened by Dr. Jochen Köckler, Deutsche Messe Board Member. Over 40 exhibiting companies representatives who were ready for an open dialogue were waiting for media after the speeches. 

28 February 2018

EMO Hannover 2017: while connecting smart production systems

The metal working world has never been so much technological. The world's leading industry exhibition provided the expected premieres and breakthrough innovations within Industry 4.0 context from September 18-23. EMO Hannover continues the main Hannover Fair direction, namely the production processes digitalization in the metal processing and machine tool building field only. The most discussed topics list contains the network solutions, additive technologies, robots and automation.

20 October 2017Marketing, Exhibition business

Contextual advertising for exhibitions: Google AdWords use way by the organizers

Exhibitions promotion while using Google Adwords: which of the organizers is invested in advertisements and what is the average transition price 05 September 2017Marketing, Exhibition business, Digital marketing

The information partners choice. All that glitters is not gold.

The right information partnership: the way to choose platforms for promotion, to convince them to provide something you need as well as  the way to evaluate the effect on the event results.

20 April 2017Mass media, Business analytics, Marketing & advertising, Exhibition business

What is the way to search for exhibitions at Expomap?

Dear friends! Today we decided to inform you on the way to use our search engine. =) So, you are on the main website page ... there are several ways to start a search. Choose the one which best suits you!

16 March 2017Marketing, Image & PR, Exhibition business

We choose the right exhibitions for each business! Expomap consultants’ best practices tips

Preparation for the exhibition is rather complicated and time-consuming process the same as the house construction... You choose a place (an exhibition platform), lay the foundation (set tasks) and then build you house brick by brick. Be sure to note the house will break out if laying the foundation poorly. The same situation may happen to the exhibition. Our article provides the way to choose an event based on your goals and, ultimately, to get the desired profit. Besides we prepared a mini-manual which will help to navigate in Expomap portal

06 March 2017Marketing, Business analytics, Exhibition business

Hannover Messe 2017: industry digitalization and processes simplification

Now we switch to the industry 4.0, which implies people to work closely with machines from the industry 1.0, which implied the man was to be the only management head. Production becomes predictable and more efficient due to the work with data: collection, processing and further systematization. Such systems provide the sensors installed on each equipment which record both the production progress and deviations from the scenarios specified 02 March 2017Business analytics, Exhibition business

Where the exhibitions take their statistics from: we are familiar with the exhibition audit

All seems rather simple when a marketer or an assistant manager is provided with the task to select the exhibitions list for a specific task. In fact, we have the following issue - too many exhibitions and too little their data. How to be sure that the announced 1000 target buyers will not turn into a dull several hundred visitors once you have found the appropriate event?
  22 December 2016Business analytics, Exhibition business, Market analysis, Market research, Exhibition technology

Russian business heroes: be sure to dream, create values, act right now!

An entrepreneurial forum with «Russian Business Heroes» famous name took place in Vegas City Hall Oщn October 5-6. The main event goal was to inspire the business community to be the best in their business in any trends. «Business contrary to circumstances» - the forum organizers claim and invite 16 top Russian entrepreneurs to share their best practices and motivate the participants

17 October 2016Marketing, Business analytics, Exhibition business, Market research, Digital marketing

Events promotion: the way to measure the evaluate the platform quality

Each organizer worries about own effective advertising budget spending way. Technical capabilities and tools number grow every year in order to track and assess the audience quality, its composition s well as the event website actions. But in fact, the marketer’s work became more complicated. Big data, progromatic and perfomance-marketing. SEM, SMM, SMO, SEO. A huge channels number with the limited budget. So, how to build a transparent promotion system? Ok, we’ll discuss that. 13 April 2016Marketing, Advertising, Business analytics, Exhibition business, Market analysis, Event marketing

Communication with visitors at the stand: what do they really want?

Both exhibition, fair and forum are an effective marketing tool in order to achieve the company’s goals. However, it is impossible to fully get the maximum benefit from participation without a clear understanding of both the persons and the reason for visiting your stand. You will definitely learn whom and how much time should be given to once having realized simple guests’ categories.

01 March 2016Customer relations, Exhibition business, Market research, Exhibition technology

The best New Year congratulations

Timely congratulations are a good postcard rule. What is the way to avoid common templates and what to come up with for participants and visitors, if the discounts are over? Here are available vivid examples of the way to become unique among lots of other Christmas cards

29 December 2015Advertising, Customer relations, Image & PR, Customer oriented systems, Business gifts

Preliminary communication with the visitors: invite them to visit your exhibition stand

The visitors are aware in advance on both those stands they will carefully learn as well as the ones they will quickly look through, ss a rule. Just 15% of the guests show a general interest in all products and services categories being demonstrated, according to CEIR Exhibition Industry Research Center results. It’s required to correctly communicate with them in advance in order to influence visitors’ decision on whether to visit the stand.

11 December 2015Customer relations, Marketing & advertising, Image & PR, Exhibition business, Exhibition technology, Customer loyalty

Marketing for exhibitions and business events in the current realities: what to cut and what to save?

Some companies start to count all more meticulously while spending limited money on marketing while others completely refuse from advertising, and remaining oned tend to encourage everyone to barter within declining markets conditions. Probably just a few units continue to blithely spend marketing budgets without worrying about the efficiency. So, we are going to discuss the most appropriate way to do this in the current article02 December 2015Marketing, Advertising, Exhibition business, Market research, Exhibition technology, Event marketing

Business event organizer’s email marketing strategy

The way to use newsletters to properly announce exhibitions and conferences in order to attract the target audience. It is important to realize the basic rules which are appropriate in both cases whether you work with your subscriber database or order a newsletter on a third-party website.

31 July 2015Advertising, Exhibition business, Corporate events, Newsletters, Event marketing

What prevents from making decisions? (Part Two)

Difficult choice is the one which doesn’t provide better option. Each alternative has its both pros and cons. What does the average person used to do in such an event? As a rule, a person follows the least resistance path, i.e. chooses the one safer or more attractive from a pragmatic point of view.

04 July 2014

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