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ConferencesKazakhstanAlmatyМир торговли 2024

Мир торговли 2024 - международный Конвент 

Мир торговли 2024 - международный Конвент 

from 6 to June 8, 2024
Kazakhstan, Almaty

About the conference Мир торговли 2024

On June 6-8, 100+ retailers and distributors will gather in Almaty at the 19th World of Trade Convention to make deals with FMCG manufacturers and suppliers.

Be among the first to negotiate personally with the largest buyers from Kazakhstan and CIS countries and agree on supplying your goods to their chains.

How can the World of Trade Convention benefit your business?

  • You will have about 50 intense negotiations at a time with buyers from Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia.
  • Your product will participate in the EURASIAN SUPPLIERS AWARDS and gain additional attention and recognition.
  • You will demonstrate your product or service, discuss prices, supply volumes, logistics and other aspects of cooperation with retailers and distributors.
  • You will maximize your time and resources to increase your sales and business development.

“The World of Trade Convention is not only a platform for discussing strategies and trends, but also a place where the future areas of retail development are shaped. We believe in the power of sharing ideas and the importance of personal communication, that is why the Convention has been showing good results in closing deals and establishing long-term partnerships in many countries for over 10 years,” said Elena Sargaldakova, organizer of the World of Trade Convention.


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What is in the program?

Attending the World of Trade 2024 Convention will give you access to all of the event's features and venues. These include:

  • The World of Trade Purchasing Center provides manufacturers and suppliers with an opportunity to personally meet representatives of retail chains, present their products and exchange contact information. Over two days, participants hold about 50 negotiations online and offline. Thanks to the World of Trade Purchasing Center, more than 1,000 deals are made each year between suppliers and buyers from different countries. 

Retail chains participating in the event include Magnum Cash&Carry, Carefood, INMART, My Mart, JLC, Toymart, Svetofor, online stores Arbuz. kz, Clever, the largest supermarkets A-store and Airba Fresh from Kazakhstan, Dobrotsen and Khoroshiy Vibor from Russia, Bi1, Korzinka, Makro, Havas, TEGEN, BarakaMarket, M Cosmetic from Uzbekistan, EUROOPT, UNISTORE cash and carry, 7 Fridays, Hit, Groszyk, Sosedi from Belarus, Paikar and AMID from Tajikistan, Globus, Narodny, Dostor, SPAR from Kyrgyzstan, Rahat Market from Azerbaijan, Nikora from Georgia and many others.

  • The World of Trade exhibition is a display of various goods and services in the traditional format and in the hypermarket format at specially equipped stands with an area for dialogue and agreement of terms of cooperation. Such exhibition formats allow to present all the features of your product as effectively as possible, including its display on the real store shelves.
  • The Eurasian Trade Congress brings together leaders of retail companies and chains, the top experts and practitioners on one platform. Here, speakers discuss pressing issues and challenges of the trade market, share insights and real successful cases. 
  • EURASIAN SUPPLIERS AWARDS 2024 is an awarding ceremony for the best suppliers and manufacturers of FMCG market - CONVENTION participants. The award is intended to recognize and reward outstanding achievements of companies in the dynamic trading industry.
  • Excursion to the major retail chain of Kazakhstan will take place on the third day of the Convention. The participants will learn about the most effective business solutions implemented in its operation, as well as get introduced to the product range and discuss the terms of cooperation already in the sales area.

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