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ECOM Expo 2024 - exhibition of technologies for e-Commerce on marketplaces and own shops

ECOM Expo 2024 - exhibition of technologies for e-Commerce on marketplaces and own shops

from 5 to June 6, 2024
Russia, Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds

About the exhibition ECOM Expo 2024

The theme of ECOM Expo'24 is “Technology Cyber Fair”. This is the place where you can see real technological marvels, take them away with you and make your own business even more efficient. That is where you will find over 300 advanced services for e-commerce under one roof.

Technologies will be categorized into the following topics:

  • Marketing and promotion
  • Logistics and delivery
  • Payments and finance
  • Website, IT and backend
  • Omnichannel
  • Customer Relationships
  • Assortment management



Why visit ECOM Expo'24

Cutting-edge e-commerce technologies - marketing innovations, logistics services, IT tools and much more - you will find everything you need to scale your business multiples at ECOM Expo.

Who will benefit from the exhibition:

  • Owners, top managers and employees of e-commerce companies,
  • Entrepreneurs selling goods through marketplaces and own online shops,
  • Representatives of traditional offline and retail businesses.



ECOM Expo 2024 - выставка технологий для торговли на маркетплейсах и через собственный магазин

Tools of the future - neural networks and AI, augmented reality technologies, maximum automation, drones and much more.
Everything for successful start-up - are you looking to open your own online sales channel? Attending the exhibition will help you equip your online shop with advanced tools and technologies.
Meet the leaders - two days of ECOM Expo saves you dozens of working days and hundreds of thousands in your budget. Gather a full toolkit of tools, tips and best practices.
E-Commerce Community - ECOM Expo is the only event in the industry that brings together all the major players.

Business Program

It will be easy to collect ideas and cases on how to use the most relevant tools based on the speakers' presentations in the business programme. The six streams of the programme will highlight current trends in dealing with marketplaces, marketing, business processes, IT and other key areas of e-commerce. And at partner conferences, you will dive into specific topics in a targeted manner.




Additional information and services:
Exhibited products:
New technologies and services for e-commerce
Marketing and advertising
Transport and logistics
Order fulfilment services
Data collection and analytics
Sales and customer relations.
Payment processing and receipt
Hardware for IT solutions
Opening hours:
Daily 10:00 to 18:00
visit the exhibition website

До начала выставки ecommerce-технологий ECOM Expo 2024 остаётся три недели

Шесть потоков программы осветят актуальные тренды в работе с маркетплейсами, маркетинге, бизнес-процессах, ИТ и других ключевых направлениях интернет-торговли.

14 May 2024ECOM Expo 2024
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