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ExhibitionsRussiaSaint PetersburgПетербургский международный газовый форум 2023

Петербургский международный газовый форум 2023 - международный специализированный форум

Петербургский международный газовый форум 2023 - международный специализированный форум

from October 31 to Nov. 3, 2023

About the exhibition Петербургский международный газовый форум 2023

The St. Petersburg International Gas Forum is one of the most reputable business events in the Russian gas industry. Over 90 events in various formats are held annually during the Forum, and it brings together the international community leaders: public authorities, global leaders of the gas industry, industry and research associations.

The event is focused on the top managers of the largest oil and gas companies, representatives of the Russian innovation centers and design institutions, experts, academicians, heads of specialized universities and research institutes. In 2023 the forum's architecture includes an exhibition and business program. It is their synergy that allows industry professionals to effectively discuss and solve urgent tasks.

Business Program

Dozens of conferences, sessions and roundtables will be held during the extensive SPIGF-2023 business program, as well as important announcements from specialized associations and research centers, and top managers of oil and gas companies. Presentations, case-studies, and field trips will be arranged for Forum participants.




Exhibition Program

Expoforum will host a large-scale exposition of technologies, equipment and services for the gas industry: the International Specialized Exhibition "InGAS Stream 2023 — Innovations in Gas Industry", Корпоративная выставочная экспозиция «Импортозамещение в газовой отрасли», the Corporate Exhibition "Import Substitution in Gas Industry", the International Specialized Exhibition of Gas Industry and Equipment for Gas Industry "ROS-GAS-EXPO". 

Such companies as Pipe Metallurgical Company, Almaz-Antey Corporation, GMC Group, UEC, OMK, Comita Group managing company, Zagorsky Pipe Plant, Gazprombank (Joint Stock Company), Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo, Bank Rossiya, Tyazhpressmash, Cryogas, Prosoft-Systems, Vega-GAZ, NPO Polycell, Gazprom LNG Technologies, Gazprom GNP Holding, RUST-95 Trading House, CHETA, Intra Service Company, Salavat Catalyst Plant, NPP Elemer, Techstroy, Turbulence-Don, NPP KuibyshevTelecom-Metrology, NKMZ-Group, Automobile Plant Ural and others have already confirmed their participation in the SPIGF-2023 Exhibition Program, .




Additional information and services:
Exhibited products:
Проектирование, строительство и оснащение объектов АГЗС и АГНКС
Газозаправочные станции и колонки
Оборудование для АЗС и АГЗС
Компьютерно обеспечение АЗК, современные системы связи и оплаты на АЗК
Передвижные автомобильные газозаправщики
Газобаллонное оборудование
Техника и оборудование для использования CУГ, КПГ и СПГ
Диагностика газовой автомобильной аппаратуры
Оборудование для центров по переоборудованию автотранспорта
Opening hours:
Ежедневно с 10:00 до 18:00
ООО "ЭФ-ИНТЕРНЭШНЛ", ИНН 7811518396, erid:LdtCKTQJi

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В Санкт-Петербурге начал работу ПМГФ-2023

Среди участников XII Петербургского Международного Газового Форума — более 500 крупнейших игроков рынка; в рамках деловой программы запланировано 90 мероприятий.

31 October 2023Петербургский международный газовый форум 2023
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