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MosBuild 2019 - международная выставка строительных и отделочных материалов

MosBuild 2019 - международная выставка строительных и отделочных материалов

from 2 to April 5, 2019

About the exhibition MosBuild 2019

WHY SHOULD YOU VISIT MOSBUILD 2019? More than 1,500 Russian and international companies will present a wide range of building and finishing materials at MosBuild 2019, from 2-5 April.

As the largest building and interiors trade show in Russia, it's the best place to source building and finishing materials and the latest products and innovations in line with your business and customer requirements.


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The broadest sector coverage in Russia. 12 Sectors fully represented:

  • Building Materials
  • Paints & Decorative Plasters
  • Bathrooms
  • Ceramics
  • Doors & Locks
  • Flooring Wallpaper
  • Curtains, Textile, Curtain Rods, Shutters
  • Wall and Ceiling Panelling and Moulding
  • Lighting & Electrical Products
  • Facades. Roofing. Gates. Windows
  • Building Equipment & Tools

Additional information and services:
Exhibited products:
Строительные материалы
Отделочные материалы
Керамическая плитка
Двери и замки
Напольные покрытия
Шторы, карнизы, жалюзи
Свето- и электротехническая продукция
Фасады, окна, кровля,
Строительное оборудование и инструмент
ITE Москва
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MosBuild 2019 set a record for attendance for the entire time of the exhibition

The MosBuild 2019 exhibition, held in Moscow from April 2 to 5, was visited by a record audience of 77,338 people.

22 July 2019MosBuild 2019

MosBuild 2019 perfect home was the most popular showpiece at the current exhibition

Perfect Home site - a real house of 420 square meters designed by Boris U. Borovsky, famous Russian architect, was the most visited site at MosBuild 2019.

20 May 2019MosBuild 2019

В Крокус Экспо проходит крупнейшая российская выставка строительных и отделочных материалов MosBuild 2019

Открылась самая крупная в России выставка строительных и отделочных материалов MosBuild 2019

02 April 2019MosBuild 2019
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