UPAKEXPO 2023 - international Trade Show for Packaging, Printing and Bottling Technology

from 24 to Jan. 27, 2023

About the exhibition UPAKEXPO 2023

UPAKEXPO is a new brand of the expo project previously known as upakovka. The reboot has not affected its usual format: the show will be held in parallel and on the same platform as the international trade show of plastics and rubbers RUPLASTICA and the international trade show of recycling and waste disposal technologies RECYCLING SOLUTIONS.

UPAKEXPO 2023 will focus on three major areas of the industry: packaging equipment and finished packaging, bottling technology and printing for the production of packaging and labels. The entire production and processing value chain will be on display.

Would you like to introduce your technologies, solutions and services in the field of packaging? By joining UPAKEXPO 2023 you will reach out directly to industry professionals, find new partners and make profitable deals!



  UPAKEXPO 2023 - международная специализированная выставка упаковки, печати и технологий розлива  

Why visit UPAKEXPO 2023?

At the UPAKEXPO 2023 International Trade Show, you can find the equipment, materials and services you need to address your challenges. There is a wide range of machines and equipment that you might need to produce:

  • packaging and packaging accessories;
  • food products, confectionery and bakery products;
  • pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Moreover, the show will feature:

  • packaging machinery and equipment;
  • packaging materials, supplies for production of packaging, packaging parts;
  • machinery and equipment for printing packaging and production of printed packaging materials;
  • automation equipment, components and accessories;
  • recycling and environmental protection technology.

Don't miss the opportunity to talk face to face with manufacturers and distributors at UPAKEXPO 2023, evaluate the machines in action and choose the most suitable offer in the market! The business agenda of the show will provide you with comprehensive information about the current state of the global packaging industry market and promising trends in the development of packaging production.

Visitor registration will open in November 2022.

Additional information and services:
Exhibited products:
Packaging machines and equipment
Packaging materials, supplies for production of packaging, packaging parts
Machinery and equipment for production of packaging and supplies
Machinery and equipment for food processing, confectionery and bakery
Beverage machines and equipment
Machines and equipment for printing of packaging and production of printed materials
Machinery and equipment for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
Automation / Components / Accessories
Recycling and Environmental Technology
Opening hours:
Daily 10:00 to 18:00
Last day 10:00 tо 16:00
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