Ingredients Russia 2020 - international Exhibition of Food Ingredients

from 18 to Feb. 20, 2020

About the exhibition Ingredients Russia 2020

Ingredients Russia is the international exhibition of raw materials, prepared food components and mixes. Over the years it has gained a reputation as a Russian leading industry exhibition for the food industry. The event provides high level organization and an opportunity to meet your target audience. According to last year's post show report, 78% of Ingredients Russia visitors had a direct interest in finding new suppliers and was enable to evaluate the offers of 124 companies from eight countries.

All days of the exhibition there was a regular stream of attendees. One of the key exhibiting directions that attracted visitors’ attention became the production of bulk food products, especially from the ingredients and instant drinks manufacturers. We intend to continue our cooperation with the event organizers next year.

Elena Beresneva, project coordinator, representative in Russia
The company "Glatt Engineer GmbH"

Ingredients Russia 2020 is worth a visit to:

  • purchase ingredients for food and drink production;
  • find new suppliers;
  • update and expand the range of food ingredients offered to your customers;
  • get acquainted with new equipment and food technologies;
  • learn about new trends in the food industry and chat with industry professionals.

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The Ingredients Russia 2020 thematic sections will feature a wide range of diverse products offered by exhibitors:

  • raw materials, prepared ingredients and mixes for confectionery and bakery production
  • raw materials, prepared ingredients and mixes for meat production
  • raw materials, prepared ingredients and mixes for dairy production
  • raw materials, prepared ingredients and mixes for fish production
  • raw materials, prepared ingredients and mixes for drinks
  • raw materials, prepared ingredients and mixes for groceries
  • raw materials, prepared ingredients and mixes for the HoReCa segment
  • packaging
  • equipment
  • accompanying services

We  gathered a large number of contacts. Among the visitors there were confectioners, technologists, manufacturers of fillings, preserves, and jams. We are satisfied with the organization and participation results. 

Daniil Sidorov, consultant
Dryff Company

Business program

The exhibition is also a convenient platform for communication between industry professionals. Therefore, the Ingredients Russia 2020 organizers are preparing an extensive business program for participants and visitors. A detailed thematic plan will be published on the organizer's website in February.

Деловая программа

Additional information and services:
Exhibited products:
Ingredients for changing the appearance of products
Ingredients for regulating the taste and smell
Ingredients for changing the structure, texture and physico-chemical properties of the product
Ingredients for increasing the preservation of the product
Technological aids
Fat products
Other raw ingredients and components
Physiological functional ingredients
Food supplements and nutritional supplements
Ingredients for sports nutrition
MVK Company
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    Ингредиенты, сырье и смеси для пищевой промышленности на Ingredients Russia 2020

    18 февраля, в Москве, в МВЦ "Крокус Экспо" (Павильон №2), начнёт свою работу 23-я Международная выставка сырья, готовых пищевых ингредиентов и смесей Ingredients Russia. 

    17 February 2020Ingredients Russia 2020

    Состояние и перспективы развития российского рынка пищевых ингредиентов обсудят на Ingredients Russia 2020

    С 18 по 20 февраля в ходе работы Ingredients Russia 2020 на площадке выставки будет проходить деловая программа для руководителей и технологов пищевых производств.

    29 January 2020Ingredients Russia 2020

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