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Event analytic SmartXpo and event organizer Emerald Expositions collaborate on technology for price optimization and customer retention

02 October 2019

SmartXpo, an innovative provider of data analytics for the events industry, today announced a collaboration with Emerald Expositions, one of the world's leading trade show operators.


SmartXpo's technology enables show operators to place the customer at the center of event strategy. Sophisticated market intelligence and operating benchmarks combine with customer satisfaction to create pricing models that improve exhibitor retention and increase choice, while supporting Emerald's business objectives.

Bill Charles, CIO of Emerald Expositions commented: "We are committed to working with our exhibiting customers to deliver fantastic events that create value for them and the show attendees. This SmartXpo technology will ensure that their opinions and feedback are automatically integrated into our strategic planning and delivery across many of our largest events."

Phil Stone, SmartXpo CEO stated: "We are excited to team up with a leading industry organiser to implement our pricing and exhibitor retention tools. We look forward to helping generate successful outcomes both for Emerald and their customers."

The text/image source: Expodatabase, official websites SmartXpo and Emerald Expositions

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