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ExhibitionsRussiaMoscowDairyTech | Молочная и мясная индустрия 2020

DairyTech | Молочная и мясная индустрия 2020 - international Exhibition of Equipment for the Production of Milk and Dairy Products

DairyTech | Молочная и мясная индустрия 2020 - international Exhibition of Equipment for the Production of Milk and Dairy Products

from 18 to Feb. 21, 2020

About the exhibition DairyTech | Молочная и мясная индустрия 2020

DairyTech, representing the dairy and meat industry, is the leading Russian exhibition of milk production equipment and dairy products. The event attracts large manufacturers and suppliers from 20 countries. SIG, Danone, Galdi, AVE Technologies, Promupack, Almer and GEA are among the exhibitors, and the number of well-known brand-exhibitors is growing every year.

DairyTech in 2019 realized significant growth in the audience, that confirmed event effectiveness. The exposition offers a broad overview of technologies, equipment and materials for milk processing and production of dairy products.

The exhibition is supported by the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, and top managers of Soyuzmoloko, Danone, PepsiCo, Sernursky cheese factory, experts of the federal network X5 Retail Group, VNIMI, analysts Deloitte, Nielsen, Euromonitor International, and Streda Consulting act as speakers here. 

Why experts from 78 regions of the Russian Federation and 43 countries visit DairyTech:

  • To meet with Russian and foreign suppliers;
  • To compare equipment and materials for production, packaging, and bottling;
  • To discuss purchasing conditions directly with the leaders of participating companies;
  • To find partners and new solutions for business development.

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All about milk processing and dairy production at DairyTech 2020

Equipment and technologies for primary milk processing, dairy production, as well as packaging, filling and bottling equipment are the key sections of the exposition.

More than 200 companies will take part in the exhibition. What is more, the exhibitors are always trying to coincide the launch of the new product with the exhibition.

The stands demonstrate the full cycle of dairy production, from automatic milking and starter cultures to pasteurization and labeling. In four days DairyTech exhibitors receive a real response from the 6,000th target audience — it cannot be done outside the exhibition area.

Participants can meet all regional distributors, hear sensible suggestions for improving a service or product, and interest foreign customers with new products.


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DairyTech Business Program for 2020: trends, analytics, business  

DairyTech introduces international practices and allows you to "try on" successful ideas for your own business.

The business event schedule is quite tight. The program lasts three days and contains discussions, speeches by company managers, retailers, and representatives of professional associations.

February  18

  • Session Nielsen and Euromonitor International: Key trends in the development of the dairy market globally and locally.
  • Soyuzmoloko Plenary Session: Points for the growth and development of the dairy enterprise in the current conditions.
  • Quality Laboratory Traceability: Special cases of work in the mercury system, the launch of digital marking together with the project operator, the center for the development of advanced technologies.
  • Conference on Solutions in the Field of Membrane Methods: Market development of dairy ingredients.

February 19th

  • Plenary session: “Healthy lifestyle and eco-friendly trends as part of the dairy enterprise strategy. New products and successful implementation experience ”
  • Quality Labs: Technical regulations for manufacturers, consumers and supervision.
  • Discussion platform for the effective use of technical solutions, such as the main mistakes in modernizing a dairy enterprise.

February 20th

  • Conference on problems and prospects for the development of the cheese market in Russia including market trends and dynamics, as well as practical cases on ensuring the quality of the finished product.

All events of the business program are free with the event ticket.

Additional information and services:
Exhibited products:
Equipment and technologies for primary milk processing: milking and cooling equipment, washing, disinfecting equipment and tools, equipment and technologies for determining quality, automating the production process & nbsp;
Equipment and technologies for dairy production: whole-milk products, cheeses, butter, dairy concentrates, ice cream, ingredients and sourdough;
Packaging, filling and bottling equipment: for cleaning and preparation and water, filling and capping, blowing, pasteurization and sterilization, filling, packaging and dispensing, as well as ready-made packaging, packaging equipment for marking and labeling, weighing equipment and other
& nbsp.;
Opening hours:
10am - 6pm, last day 10am - 4pm
Hyve Group
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    Новые возможности для молочной отрасли

    В 2020 году выставка «Молочная и мясная индустрия» будет проходить под новым брендом - «DairyTech | Молочная и мясная индустрия». Она получит новое развитие и фокус на технологиях для производства молока и молочных продуктов.

    10 February 2020DairyTech | Молочная и мясная индустрия 2020

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    Эксклюзивный промокод от Expomap позволит вам бесплатно получить электронный билет на выставку

    04 February 2020DairyTech | Молочная и мясная индустрия 2020
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