«Farmer's Life» and «Baker and Confectioner» salons will take place at All-Russia Exhibition Center Expo

14 May 2019Жизнь фермера 2019

«Farmer's life 2019» salon exposition provides a chance to get a special equipment information for keeping, watering and feeding farm animals and poultry, various feed, feed additives, fertilizers types, as well as equipment and materials for freezing and storing berries, vegetables and mushrooms, production and ice cream sales. «Baker and confectioner» salon will provide modern equipment and technologies for bakery and confectionery production, materials, tools, raw materials and ingredients as well.

A round table, devoted to rural, cultural and gastronomic tourism in Russia will take place within the business program. Small and medium-sized businesses representatives, as well as entrepreneurs who are going to start their own business, will be able to visit «Small bakeries: from idea to ready business project» focus session, as well as discuss the gingerbread business topical issues at a special forum. Professional workshops from Günther Körfer, Vice President of the International Union of Bakers and Confectioners (UIBC) and Dmitry Pavlets, Baker Brand Chef and REFERENCE POINT project manager will help the bakers to master new recipes.

«Russian Gingerbread» festival will take place for the second time, which will demonstrate gingerbread traditions, forms, drawings and recipes features from different regions of our country to all the guests and participants. Visitors will visit gingerbread products exhibition and help to watch the professionals’ competition as well as plunge into the creativity world at free workshops on the current popular delicacy production and painting.

Over 80 masters will demonstrate own paintings and sculptures for «Gingerbread - the card of Russia» competition. Here you can see the real gingerbread masterpieces which list includes copies of the Priory Palace in Gatchina, the Bryansk Cathedral and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Besides there will take place Russian bakery cups: «Baker is the future profession» competition, aimed at younger generation’s interest development in the baker's profession as well as the best bakery traditions preservation and «Bread is the World» expert baker competition.

Peasant farms and personal subsidiary farm products fair, where it’s possible to taste and buy organic products, including milk, butter, craft cheeses, natural bread, pastries, meat and fish specialties, tea, honey, nuts and berries will work all the days.

Exhibition entrance cost is 100 rubles while the fair one is free.

Новые возможности для молочной отрасли

В 2020 году выставка «Молочная и мясная индустрия» будет проходить под новым брендом - «DairyTech | Молочная и мясная индустрия». Она получит новое развитие и фокус на технологиях для производства молока и молочных продуктов.

10 February 2020DairyTech | Молочная и мясная индустрия 2020<

Посетите выставку «DairyTech | Молочная и мясная индустрия 2020» бесплатно!

Эксклюзивный промокод от Expomap позволит вам бесплатно получить электронный билет на выставку

04 February 2020DairyTech | Молочная и мясная индустрия 2020<

Бизнес-школа для молодых фермеров «АГРОФАРМ-2020»

На международной выставке "АГРОФАРМ-2020" будет работать тематическая зона "Бизнес-школа фермера", в рамках которой будут проводиться учебно-консультационные и практические мероприятия для предпринимателей из сферы сельского хозяйства.

27 January 2020АГРОФАРМ 2020<

Messe Frankfurt GmbH organizes Salon Du Chocolat Moscow 2020

The only exhibition in Russia dedicated to chocolate products, Salon Du Chocolat Moscow 2020 will be held from March 19 to 21 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds. The event will be organized by the largest chocolate event organizer Chocoloco International SA and Messe Frankfurt.

27 November 2019Salon du Chocolat Moscow 2020<

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