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Event organizers are forced to be flexible because of countries are fighting Omicron in different ways

A real split has emerged over how different countries plan to deal with the pandemic amid a surge in Omicron cases. 29 January 2022Internet, Customer relations, Exhibition business, Exhibition technology, Digital marketing, Visual communication

Базовые маркетинговые стратегии для мероприятия

Неважно, как хорошо вы спланировали и организовали выставку. Не будет посетителей – вас ждет полный провал. Мероприятие, каким бы прекрасным оно ни было, не продаст себя само. Так что четкая маркетинговая стратегия и стратегия продвижения события станут решающими для успеха. 17 January 2022Advertising, Internet, Mass media, Marketing & advertising, Exhibition business, Exhibition technology, Newsletters, Customer loyalty, Event marketing, Digital marketing

Return on Relationship

Author and marketing strategist Ted Rubin discusses the concept of return on relationship and how exhibit managers can use social media to forge valuable new connections that will stand the test of time. 24 November 2020Social media, Customer relations, E-commerce, Image & PR, Exhibition business, Customer oriented systems, Customer loyalty, Digital marketing, Loyalty programs

VR and AR are the future of business events?

How is VR different from AR? VR technology aims to place one user in a 3D simulated environment. This is done using a VR headset. AR simulates objects in a real environment and can be viewed through a screen. For example: Pokemon Go and Google SkyMap. 22 September 2020Internet, Customer relations, Exhibition business, Exhibition technology, Exclusive goods, Digital marketing, Visual communication

Benefits of face recognition technology for events

We rush to events only to find a long line in front of entrance. This is an unpleasant experience. And it triggers the event badly. Enhancing registration is one of the most useful applications of face recognition technology for meetings and events. 17 September 2020Customer relations, E-commerce, Exhibition business, Customer oriented systems, Market research, Exhibition technology, Sales technology, Customer loyalty, Digital marketing

Marketing is a cocktail of diverse knowledge

The broader a person's horizons, the better a marketer will come out of it. To move marketing from an expense to an income, the Expomap team has prepared a list of books on marketing worth reading. 27 August 2020Marketing, Interactive marketing, Marketing & advertising, Event marketing, Digital marketing

Where can I get money for a new project?

Business finance sources take curious forms of investment. Crowdfunding is gaining popularity.Crowdfunding is an official collection of small amounts of money from anyone who individually wishes to invest in any business endeavor. 24 August 2020Marketing, Social media, E-commerce, Marketing & advertising, Exhibition business, Exhibition technology, Digital marketing

Have you ever thought about hosting a hybrid event?

In light of recent events, many event organizers are exploring new ways to bring people together. However, this is not uncharted territory. Many organizers have been using hybrid events for a long time. What is a hybrid event? 12 August 2020E-commerce, Image & PR, Exhibition business, Customer oriented systems, Market research, Exhibition technology, Digital marketing, Visual communication

Technology Trends for the Event Industry 2020

The value of personal communication increases, but there are times when the virtual transition is a necessary part of the event program. What trends are on the rise this year? 05 August 2020Internet, Customer relations, Market analysis, Digital marketing, Mobile apps

Contextual advertising for exhibitions: Google AdWords use way by the organizers

Exhibitions promotion while using Google Adwords: which of the organizers is invested in advertisements and what is the average transition price 05 September 2017Marketing, Exhibition business, Digital marketing

Russian business heroes: be sure to dream, create values, act right now!

An entrepreneurial forum with «Russian Business Heroes» famous name took place in Vegas City Hall Oщn October 5-6. The main event goal was to inspire the business community to be the best in their business in any trends. «Business contrary to circumstances» - the forum organizers claim and invite 16 top Russian entrepreneurs to share their best practices and motivate the participants

17 October 2016Marketing, Business analytics, Exhibition business, Market research, Digital marketing

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